Nikita's Kitchen

Spotlight: Why I Started Nikita's Kitchen

I still remember the first time my mom handed me a ball of dough and a rolling pin, and tried teaching me to cook chapatti, a circular Indian flatbread. My first chapatti was far from round, but this imperfect attempt at age six instilled a passion for cooking that has given me a lifetime of enjoyment and the chance to share the hobby I love with others.


already in the kitchen at a young age


I quickly graduated to adding a pinch of turmeric to the curry and stirring it with a wooden spoon; this evolved into concocting simple snacks for my younger sister. Soon enough, I became my mom’s sous-chef. By age twelve, I was hosting casual dinner parties and by my teens, could prepare elegant epicurean feasts.

Along the way, friends confessed their fear of cooking, so I became their “go-to” person for a rolodex of foolproof culinary treats. After recipe sharing, it dawned on me that instead of repeatedly explaining my cuisine blueprints, a website with my instructional cooking videos would help others learn at their own pace. They could pause and replay my videos as necessary in the comfort of their own kitchens.

Thus was born “Nikita’s Kitchen”, a website which demystifies cooking and demonstrates that it can be enjoyable, rewarding, and (most importantly) healthy! A stream of friends and family started accessing the site regularly, and before long, I became my community’s “Food Network star”! Visitors soon realized that preparing meals at home was healthier than eating out and were inspired by seeing a teenager cook everything from Asian-style bronzini to Mediterranean hummus and tandoori chicken. Vacation memories of devouring falafel by Egypt’s pyramids and sipping halászlé in Budapest, not to mention exploring hidden spice markets in Delhi, have influenced my palate. Each dish is a souvenir of my travels and allows my imagination to roam around the globe right from my very own kitchen. What started in 2009 as a tool for my friends soon became an Internet bookmark for thousands of others.


Click to View Video: One of my first Nikita's Kitchen videos! 


Having my home kitchen as the studio, my dad as videographer, and my cooking demonstrations as the prelude to our evening meals has brought my family closer together. I have faced many challenges along the way: almost burning the house down, mastering recipes, creating computer programs, juggling competing responsibilities, and accepting culinary criticism. I view each one of them as a learning experience and continue to experiment in my kitchen laboratory, fine-tuning the formulas until the final products are a delicious success.

Discovering the joy of cooking and sharing it with others has proven to be the recipe for my own life. Transforming the humdrum into mouth-watering winners, I have turned my art of cooking into a never-ending quest for learning.